Dental implant – planning of implementation

Dental implant planning of implementation

dental-implants-crownsThe decision about the possibility, place for implantation and type of implants in your therapy, will be made by the team. After detailed examination and analysis of three-dimensional X-ray images, we look at all aspects of therapy and create an individual treatment plan that would meet your needs.

Before implantation, it is desirable to do denture or a tray. They would show us the location of future teeth in speech and bite, the position of the lip and jaw relations.

These factors significantly affect the treatment plan and provide a clear insight into the therapy outcome.

This is the best moment to make definitive treatment plan. With this approach combined with DSD concept we avoid potential errors that can occur during therapy. If not done directly can result in insufficient or inadequate planning.

Computer Guided Dental Implant Installation

Implantation (surgical part) can also be driven by a computer. The principle is very similar to the first one. Dentures or trays show the shape and position of future teeth and act as aid to perform the three-dimensional recording. Company of chosen dental implants analyzes all the parameters of implantation and manufactures surgical stents. Based on stents, surgeon place dental implants according to precisely defined positions.


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