Dental Implants: Prices and Warranty

Dental Implants: What’s Important to Know

If you are considering dental implants, you should know that the required dental work can be extensive. In order for such work to be long-lasting and to satisfy your functional and aesthetic expectations, it is necessary to follow certain procedures. Therefore, it is important to develop a treatment plan and only then begin the treatment. This approach avoids potential errors that could occur during therapy due to insufficient or inadequate planning.

One of the important factors for this therapy is the type of the dental implant used in the bone. There are a number of implants available from different manufacturers, ranging from low quality to high quality and varying reliability. The biggest differences are reflected in the materials from which they are made (which affect the strength of the implant), the form and the surface of the implant. Higher quality implants have a specially prepared surface, allowing significantly faster “splicing” with the bone, and being stronger and more reliable.

Unfortunately, it often happens that the quality of the implant does not match the cost of installation, and cheap, lower-grade implants are more expensive.

After each implant is embedded, you get a “passport,” or a document, containing all the information about the implants, as well as their serial numbers. This passport is valid worldwide and universally understood by dentists who work with these systems.

In our office, a great team of professionals with years of experience cares about your beautiful smile. They pay great attention to every stage of the therapy, from planning, manufacturing, installing the implants, and testing the prosthetic work in the dental laboratory and the office, to the end product: your smile that pleases everybody.


Type of Implant, variety and price

Prices vary within the framework of a new implant system, and they dictate the selling price of a given implant. Thus, between the Nobel Biocare system and the Nobel Replace Nobel Active implants, the price of installation differs because of their different prices. With the Straumann new implant systems, there are the Straumann Roxolid and Straumann Roxolid SLActive, which also differ somewhat in cost. Prices of Straumann and Nobel Biocare implants with us range from 600 to 700 Euros.

SLActive surface Straumann implants shorten the osseointegration, or “fusion” of the implant to the bone, from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks, which is of particular importance in the treatment of patients with controlled diabetes, osteoporosis, and smokers. SLActive surface is unique and superior in the world market of implants.

Roxolid is a new generation of implants. It is made of the elements titanium and zirconium, thus achieving greater strength with smaller diameter implants. More than 50% stronger than pure titanium Class 4, SLActive achieves excellent osseointegration.

Clinical trials of Roxolid implants on more than 400 patients in 60 centers around the world have verified the database security as well as the behavior and use of this high strength product.

Titanium and zirconium are the only metals that accelerate bone integration. In clinical practice, this means expanded indications for implants, because they can now be installed in places where the alveolar ridge is extremely narrow.

Nobel Biocare Active = 700 Euros

One of the major innovations is the Nobel Active implant system, whose design allows for maximum stability of the implant in the bone. Primary stability is achieved even in compromised situations.

Bredent = 500 Euros

BioHorizons = 500 Euros

Alpha – Bio Tec = 390 Euros

Cena “one tooth” = price + price of implant and prosthetic superstructure supplements for a given price + implant crowns

Implants: How Long Is the Warranty?

All companies that produce dental implants give many years or even a lifetime warranty on them, under certain conditions.

Our office warranties that the surgical installation of dental implants as well as the prosthetic work on implants are done properly.

For long-term success of dental implants, the patient also bears the responsibility of good oral hygiene habits and attention to dentures.

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