Guide to Dental Tourism

A Guide to Dental Tourism in Serbia, Europe

The term ‘dental tourism’ was virtually unknown to the world until recently. The term refers to tourists travelling abroad to receive dental treatment. Over time, Europe has emerged as one of the top destinations for dental tourism.

Dental tourism in Europe is thriving as large numbers of patients flock to different parts of Europe, attracted to the state-of-art dental facilities and procedures available there. Serbia in particular experiences a great number of tourist visits for this purpose.

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Why Serbia?


Serbia is pivotal in transforming Europe to becoming the world’s favorite spot for dental care. Geographically, Serbia is situated in the heart of Europe. More importantly, the reason why Serbia continues to generate the most revenue from dental tourism in Europe is because the treatments are fairly low-priced compared to their European counterparts. The costs in Serbia are four to six times less compared to West Europe alone.

Growth Story

Dental tourism in Europe has grown by leaps and bounds. Serbia’s role, as indicated, has been massive. From being just another part of the European continent, Serbia has developed into a country with arguably the best dental care facilities in Europe.

The dentists have received their professional training overseas. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, Serbia’s reputation in dental expertise and their academic laurels are widespread.

Given that it has become increasingly easy to find information on the Internet, most dental patients begin their correspondence with dental clinics online, then, on the advice of professionals, visit the destination country to treat their dental problems.

Costs and Quality

That Serbia’s dental care is very economically priced is already well established. However, what surprises most patients is the quality of dental treatments offered. The consensus is that the quality of dental care in Serbia beats some of the other developed nations hands down.

Even in Europe, Serbia is the winner. Take, for example, the fact that implants cost over 900 Euros in Poland and Hungary, whereas in Serbia implants can be done for 650 Euros. The price gap is obviously great. Serbia offers almost all dental procedures and treatments for less, yet the facilities remain world class.

World-class Technology

Dental tourism in Europe continues to prosper because they have invested in the best education and dentistry tools. Serbia’s dental clinics are equipped with some of the best dental care machinery and amenities available. All the modern technology is licensed and meets European standards.