Installation of dental implants

Advantages and installation of dental implants

Prices of dental implants

Planning dental implants

Decisions of features, installation, and the type of implant to be used in the rehabilitation of your teeth will be evaluated by our team. After reviewing three-dimensional X-rays and considering all aspects of therapy, an individual treatment plan will be created that will best meet your needs.

Before the implant surgery, it is desirable to make a mobile dental prosthesis or a film that shows the position of the future teeth, relationship of the teeth with regard to speech and bite, the position of the lips, and the range between the upper and lower jaws, called the rotation relationship. These factors significantly affect the treatment plan and give a clear insight into potential problems in the future. It is best to formulate the final treatment plan at the outset, thus avoiding potential errors that may occur during therapy as a result of insufficient or inadequate planning.

Computer-guided installation of dental implants

Some of the implant process can also be computer driven. The principle is very similar to the procedure described above: Create templates or prostheses that show the shape and position of future teeth, done with a three-dimensional recording. The implant manufacturer analyzes all data and produces stents on which the implants are surgically installed, according to precisely defined positions. Implants can compensate for almost any lost teeth.

The procedure takes about the same amount of time as any other oral surgery. After installing the implant and waiting the required period of time for osseointegration, prosthetic restorations are fixed on the implant, thus completing the restoration.


Non repaired – Tooth loss Therapy dental bridges Treatment with dental implants
Looks unattractive Bridges can provide a remarkable aesthetic effect Provides maximum aesthetic appearance of the teeth and gums (complete with the natural appearance of the mouth)
Loss of chewing function and/or speech Rehabilitated functions of chewing and speech Complete rehabilitation of chewing and speech
Bone loss Bone loss is not stopped Acting as natural tooth roots, implants prevent further bone loss.
Necessary to sacrifice the tooth substance of adjacent teeth (bridge girders) Adjacent healthy teeth remain intact
Implants give you complete comfort and a sense of self-confidence

Oral surgery

With the help of modern dental technology and anesthetic agents, all oral surgical interventions, pre-surgical preparation, and surgical orthodontic treatment have become much simpler and more efficient for patients.



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