Metal–free ceramic crowns, all ceramic crowns

Would you like to have gorgeous, white smile that looks natural? Then the metal – free ceramic crowns in our office are right solution for you.

ceramic-crownModern lifestyle dictates us a perfect smile without visible fillings on the front teeth or grey stained teeth or gums. Metal – free ceramic crowns combines all your aesthetic and functional requirements. All ceramic crowns are usually made of zirconium in their base, which is white. Unlike porcelain fused to metal ceramic crowns they don`t affect and change the color of your gums.

All ceramic crowns have sufficient strength to withstand pressures in the mouth. They are made from the finest ceramics that helps us to achieve the natural look of the crown.

Metal free ceramic crowns are bio-compatible with mouth tissues. Even patients with allergies or an otherwise weakened immune system will not have any negative reaction related to such restoration. Also, with all ceramic crowns the manifestation of thermal stimulation and hypersensitivity is greatly reduced, as well as changes in the sense of taste (e.g., a metal taste). Your metal-free ceramic crowns will fully integrate with your gums, giving you a completely natural dental appearance.

Additionally, it is possible to use metal-free ceramic crowns on implants and metal-free ceramic bridges.

All ceramic crown, porcelain fused to metal ceramic crown – difference

Dental crowns are available in a wide range of costs and materials, depending on your need and budget. Today usually metal-ceramic or full ceramic crowns are used. Porcelain veneers can be made to look like your teeth but also have their own indications and limitations.

The base of a metal-ceramic crown is a metal cap, and the base of a metal-free ceramic crown is a ceramic cap. This is the most significant difference between these two types of crowns. Due to the lack of metal in their composition, metal-free ceramic crowns fully mimic the visual characteristics of natural teeth in terms of color, shape, and light transmission.

Although the characteristics, method of preparation, and resistance in the mouth of these two types of dental crowns are very similar, all-ceramic crowns always look better and more like a natural tooth.

Ceramic used in both types of dental crowns is stable in the mouth and does not change the color.
It should be mentioned that with metal-ceramic dental crowns, there is always the risk of the metal edge being visible along the gum line due to gum recession.

Production of all ceramic crowns

The first stage of making all ceramic crowns begins with detailed dental examination and analysis of your x rays. At the start of therapy, we discuss and analyze your current smile in order to observe what is necessary to change. We also talk about your aesthetic expectations in order to provide you with a perfect smile.

In our work, we attach great importance to detail, and therefore each tooth gets compensated detailed plan. The road to a perfect smile is guided by DSD concept, which with the help of computer technology simulates the end result of dental treatment.

Preparation of teeth to create all-ceramic crowns begins with grinding that is in our office completely painless. After each tooth grinding, you will get a temporary crown that looks very nice and with which you can perform common daily activities. Temporary crowns remain on your teeth until you get the final crowns.

Required number of visits for making dental crowns

The number of visits for making dental crowns depends on the number of crowns, the type of ceramic material, the general plan of treatment, and which teeth will be getting the crowns. If it is a small number of crowns, a minimum of two visits to the dentist is required. For a wider range of dental bridges which includes more dental crowns, it takes a longer time (up to 10 to 15 days). Throughout the entire process, the patient has temporary acrylic crowns cemented in place. In most situations, the entire work, including all preparations and possible corrections, is completed in five to seven visits.


Maintaining metal-free ceramic crowns is simple. You can eat whatever foods you like. The crowns simply require regular brushing and flossing.

All ceramic crowns, price

The price for all ceramic crowns depends on the way of their manufacturing, the experience of dentist and dental technician, ways of cementing…

There is a wide range of prices for the metal – free crowns in the market. It is important to know – that if the crown would be long-lasting and well done, it is of outmost importance to carefully and accurately prepare the teeth, and this factor varies from dentist to dentist. In our office, teeth preparation is followed by dental school principles.