Today, we are witnessing the digitalization of procedures in almost all areas of life.

Digitization in the service of oral and dental health began a long time ago, but recently it has experienced a real revolution.

Some of the areas where the latest technologies are used are caries detection, laser removal of caries and soft tissues, X-ray imaging (CBCT), CAD / CAM production of crowns and bridges, computer analysis of bites (T-scan), determination of tooth color…

Special emphasis is placed on intraoral scanners, milling machines and printers that give great precision and easy production of your ceramic crowns or veneers. 3d face scans have also appeared on the market in order to create a natural smile that suits your face.

In the field of surgery, there is navigational implantology at the top of the ladder, followed by implantology with the production of precise surgical stents, with which we place implants in a predefined position. The first step is to work in software – modeling the future crown and determining the position of the implant relative to the crown. Based on the position of the crown and the implant, a surgical stent is printed, i.e. a guide for implant placement. The deviations are at the level of the micrometer, which allows us to place a temporary crown on the implant immediately after installation. In one visit, you receive an implant and pre-made temporary prosthetic work.

Intraoral scanners and advanced software are also widely used in correcting the position of teeth, in making invisalign foils or aligner systems.

All these tools and software allow us to provide you with precise, predictable and beautiful dental work.

Of course, digital dentistry also has its drawbacks, and that is usually the high price of equipment and software.

In the “Cvjetković” office, we make great use of the benefits of new technologies.

Making your smile begins with a detailed analysis of your face, teeth and your desires. This is followed by photographing and intraoral scanning of the existing situation. With the help of digital smile design software, we virtually design your smile. In this step, you actively participate in choosing the shape, size and color of your teeth. The design is printed and transferred to the mouth, without preparation or cementation, so that it can be removed at any time without consequences for the teeth. After your approval, we proceed to further production, which, with the help of the mentioned technologies and materials, is easier for the patient, faster and more precise.