What is invisalign?

Invisalign is one of the better known systems for straightening teeth. It is patented in the USA and protected as such. There is a licensed laboratory in Europe, and invisalign foil therapy is performed only by certified orthodontists.

The Invisalign system involves a set of transparent foils for straightening teeth that gradually move the teeth in the desired direction. The foils are comfortable and easy to use. They are made individually for each patient. Each foil is worn for one to two weeks before being replaced by the next.

The invisalign system has no locks or wires. The success of the therapy depends on careful planning, regular check-ups and the patient’s commitment.

Why is invisalign good for me?

There are many advantages of invisalign systems:

  • We get the desired results faster;
  • Tooth straightening foils are made of special materials that give great precision;
  • Increased comfort during wearing;
  • In the Invisalign system, the forces acting on the teeth are distributed over the entire surface of the teeth and cover the entire dentition. These are weak but constant forces that are better and faster for moving teeth.
  • We are able to show you the results before and after the therapy;
  • Invisalign foils are intended for all ages, children, adolescents and adults.

How are Invisalign foils made?

The best and easiest for you is to make them completely digital. This involves scanning your teeth and sending the scan to certified laboratories. A therapy plan is made in the software, based on which the foils that reach you are printed.

When are tooth straightening foils used?

They are used to correct all tooth irregularities. Crooked, folded teeth can be corrected, narrower gaps between teeth can be eliminated, cross or open bite can be corrected. The Invisalign system can correct minor, moderate and somewhat severe irregularities and the challenge is overly rotated premolars.

Tooth straightening foils are used when you do not want to be noticed to correct the position of the teeth. They are transparent and at a decent distance of about 30 to 40 cm are not visible.

How long do they need to be worn?

Tooth straightening foils are worn 22 hours a day. You take them off when you eat, drink and brush your teeth. If you wear them less than the allotted time, the therapy will go much slower.

The total duration of therapy is in most cases faster compared to a fixed device. The average time for minor corrections is 3 to 9 months, or up to 18 months for complex treatments. Regular check-ups in our office are usually once a month.

Do I eat and sleep with foils?

It is mandatory to wear tooth straightening foils while you sleep, because they still perform their role. You must take them out of your mouth while eating and drinking fluids. You can only wear them when you drink water.

How do I maintain foils and teeth?

Foil maintenance is simple, they are washed with a brush and paste two to three times a day. Invisalign also has a special cleaning set.

Teeth are maintained by established oral hygiene measures.

Wearing tooth straightening foils does not require abstinence from any food as they are not present in the mouth during meals.

Disadvantages of foil for straightening teeth

In order for the therapy to be successful, it is necessary for the patient to be disciplined. This means that he wears the foil at least 22 hours a day, that he does not forget it, loses it and the like. Therapy will not progress if the foil is not in the mouth.

Tooth straightening foils are removed from the mouth during meals, drinks and brushing. This can be a drawback because it is sometimes very difficult to remove the foil due to the attachments (balls) on the teeth. This is especially true if you are in a restaurant because you will probably have to go to the toilet to remove such foil or put it in your mouth.

The kit, i.e. the foil box, the toothbrush and the oral hygiene aids will have to be with you at all times.

During the meal, it is obligatory to take the foil out of your mouth, and after the meal, to wash your teeth and foil in detail and put it back in your mouth. You can only drink water over the foil. For every other drink, you have to take it off because other liquids would leave ugly pigmentation.

You are not allowed to snack on any type of food frequently, and you will agree that this is not really a flaw.

Tooth straightening foils must be worn all night. The experience of patients is that, although they brush their teeth and foils well in the evening, they feel bad breath in the morning, which is why brushing your teeth in the morning is mandatory.

When you wear foils, white attachments (balls) can stick to your teeth to help straighten your teeth. If there are many, it may look like you have transparent locks.

Straightening teeth with foils can hurt. The pain occurs when a new foil is placed and lasts for about 2 days. If necessary, the usual painkillers can help.

You need to know that Invisalign is not always the best way to straighten your teeth. Unfortunately, we can’t correct some irregularities with foils, and then we will probably suggest a fixed device. If you do not want it to be seen, we can offer you a lingual fixed device that is also completely invisible.

Tooth straightening foils – price

One of the biggest drawbacks of tooth straightening foils is its price. Considering that the whole process is digital and sophisticated, and that the training of an orthodontist for more complex cases costs money – so the price of foils is slightly higher in relation to a fixed device.

The price of foil depends on the complexity of the therapy. If it is a matter of easier tooth movements, a smaller number of foils is needed, so the price is lower and vice versa. Based on the examination and the received report, complete analysis, the therapy plan is determined, i.e. the number of foils (sets) to be worn.

The price of tooth straightening foils ranges from 1000 eur for small tooth corrections to 4500 eur for more difficult and complicated cases.