Is it visibly white and straight teeth, or a more subtle version? What is your goal – to show that they’ve been worked on or to make it unnoticeable? It used to be fashionable for the smile to be as bright as possible, with white teeth, also known as “ceramic” teeth. People generally believed that this kind of smile would make them look younger.

However, in practice, the opposite happens, and artificial-looking teeth usually add years to a person. Like plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry has taken a different direction. Today, it’s fashionable to have naturally bright (not necessarily white) teeth that don’t appear to have been worked on. Teeth are not completely smooth surfaces, they have surface reliefs just like natural teeth. Special attention is paid to transparent incisal edges, reflection, and color transition. It is understood that they are not straight and of the same length.

There are clearly defined aesthetic guidelines for how to achieve natural-looking teeth, and it’s not easy at all. Because of the significantly more complicated procedure and much more time spent on a natural smile compared to an “artificial” one, this kind of smile is now less common and more expensive. But it’s definitely worth it because the first thing people notice on our face is our smile. A beautiful, natural, and youthful smile opens all doors, they say.

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